Now Available, Check Your Local Stores (or not)!

Featuring all your holiday favorites such as...

The Christmas Song

Blue Christmas

Last Christmas

Oh Holy Night

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Feliz Navidad

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Oh Holy Night

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Away In The Manger

Sleigh Ride

Lil' Drummer Boy

Nearly a decade in the making, a lifetime of waiting, the long anticipated CD has arrived to deliver what promises to be the most extraordinary rendition of Christmas songs ever recorded.

Already, the critics have spoken:

"Che cosa è questo, è questo un lo scherzo? (What is this, is this a joke?)"
- Luciani Pavarotti

"Oh, boy. Someone is rolling in his grave."
- Nancy Sinatra

"Possibly, best singing I heard in long time."
- William Hung

"It's not unusual to have an album of this caliber."
- Tom Jones

"This is bullsh*t."
- Celine Dion

"Well, there are some nice singing here, but that guy has got to go."
- Barbra Streisand

"God loves all, and I'm sure he'll appreciate this effort."
- Amy Grant

"I don't know what to say-I'm speechless! William Hung has met his match!"
- Mom McGarry

"Why did you include a stop button for each song?"
- Dad McGarry

"So good its scary...."
- Michael McGarry

"I am at a loss for words... I feel so honored to be a part of this family."
- Julie McGarry

"It brought tears to my eyes."
- Jimmy Stump

"The question is...which one of these two will be the next American Idol?"
- Matt Gentilcore

"What I really want is whatever it was you were drinking before you made the recordings."
- Joe Nguyen

"Well..... our one year old enjoyed it!"
- Jacquie Nguyen

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