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The Story: Tommy Chase recently moved to Reston, Virginia from Miami on the promise of a higher paying job, and a better life. He bought a non-descript townhouse, surrounded by idiotic neighbors, and he quickly learned that the job wasn't particularly high paying, nor was there anything better about his life. On the day Tommy planned to quit his stupid job he discovered a body in the lower level of the building, and since the police had nothing to go on, they pegged him as the prime suspect. While hounded by Reston's Finest, the crime also drew the attention of the FBI, who was coincidentally investigating Tommy’s employer for various shady dealings. Set against the backdrop of an over-developed suburban hell, Agent Monica Manns, of the FBI, elicited Tommy for help to further her case against his company, a proposition he found hard to resist, much like her full lips and long legs. As they drew closer to the truth, breaking laws and crossing lines, someone was determined to put an end to their investigation and ridiculous love affair.

The Cast of Characters.

About The Author: This is T.A. Ledinh's first book and he hopes to sell roughly 22 copies, enough to pay for all the ink he used to print the manuscript.

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